FARO 3D Conference 2017

April 27th – 28th, 2017

Dear 3D digital world citizens,

Today, 3D reality capture resides in a very dynamic development phase. Google Tango, Microsoft Hololens, Occulus, iPhone 7, photogrammetry, drones and many more will contest for their share in this huge market and will influence the way we all deal with 3D in future. This creates opportunities and the need for profound strategies. The smart, connected and informed professionals will build their strategy on a solid foundation of market observation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. This is what successful businesses build upon and this is what the FARO 3D Conference is about.

Bernd Becker

The 6th edition of the FARO 3D Conference offers the latest state of the art in reality capture and emphasizes more than ever the learning and knowledge exchange in technical hands-on trainings, with interesting real user examples, and the opportunity to discuss and network with the 3D community and FARO experts. You can learn from the best in the business, discuss with thought leaders and innovators, and share industry trends, experiences, insights and visions.

We paused with the 3D Conference in 2016. However we kept with the tradition of this conference and chose an exciting location in the greater Stuttgart area. This venue in the Southern black forest combines architecture and style and tells the history of an exciting century. This interesting venue style combination supports the idea of the FARO 3D Conference to transform visionary thoughts into energetic plans and powerful ideas.

Let’s experience the latest in reality capture. I look forward to meeting you at our conference,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker
FARO Chief Technology Strategist and Evangelist

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  • “We come to the conference because there is great networking, learn about the new products and innovations from FARO. Great Access to the top team at FARO talking to the engineers and top management. It is very valuable for us that they want to listen to their customers.”

    David Crossley – Visitor
  • “We have been four times at the 3D conference so far. The conference is always a very good source of contacts to get new information and tendencies of the market.”

    Augusto Burchi – Exhibitor
  • “To meet the people behind the product and to gain more knowledge. Different users from other countries and share information was great.”

    Margalit Havkin – Distributor

What you can expect


The conference agenda composes many different presentations, use cases, learning sessions, discussion rounds and keynote speeches. To learn more, please check out the details below or have a look at the presentation abstracts.


Comprehensive presentations on the latest hardware and software solutions from FARO and its development partners. They will provide hands-on insights in the tips and tricks on how to most efficiently utilize FARO’s Software and Hardware products to increase ROI and to reduce time required to handle the products.


Daily keynotes deliver a real insight into the changing world of 3D and provide visionary thoughts.


The 3D Conference provides the platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between users and interested parties of the various systems and technologies.

During the event there will be plenty of opportunities for the participants to establish networks and get in discussion with FARO experts, thought leaders, innovators and 3D community partners and experts.


Freely explore and interact with the stunning 3D point clouds captured by FARO’s latest laser scanners. Intuitive gestures make navigation, inspection and measurement of the virtual world come naturally.

The FARO VR Point Cloud Viewer brings your scan projects to the Oculus Rift. It can be customized for your specific needs using the FARO VR Point Cloud Generator. The HTC Vive demonstrator tracks your exact location 360˚ in space, enabling a room-scale VR experience.
Come visit us and experience the Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!”


This year’s agenda consists of a mixture of visionary thoughts, insights and knowledge transfer by FARO, but as well of plenty interesting real-live project and user presentations that show the diversity of applications and use cases of the FARO product portfolio. If you are interested in participating to contribute to this wide presentation variety, please don’t hesitate to apply to the Call for Papers. The template for your submittal of your paper abstract can be found here.


Real-life use case examples of industry experts related to specific training sessions that will showcase the usability of the latest Technology.


Get to meet FARO’s 3rd party partners, who will showcase their latest 3D products in a specific exhibition area.